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About Thierry Gagnon

About Thierry Gagnon

Thierry Gagnon


To start off, since I was a child, I had a great passion for physical activities and sports. From the year I graduated from high school, I was thinking of completing my studies with a bachelor in teaching physical education.

While I was finishing up my social sciences program, on an individual profile at Montmorency Cegep, I realized that physical education did not correspond to my needs. Nevertheless, due to my dreams and interests in helping other people improve their health/physical conditions, I decided to study kinesiology at Montreal University.

From this day on, my bachelor degree helps me aid my clients to obtain their goals and objectives by having a critical outlook towards physical activity. Not to forget, I can also adapt the training sessions for all of my clients.

As a solution to help them reach their goals, I have developed a special method, which basically permits my clients to approach physical exercise solely on pleasure. This solution emphasizes the importance of having fun and loving physical training, which focuses to maximize your progression by uplifting your motivational reasons, but most importantly, your desire to move

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