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Fitness In The Workplace

Fitness In The Workplace

The Corpo Project

What Is The Corpo Project?

It is a preventive health initiative that emphasizes on team building through fitness and physical activity.

Our Services

Fitness break 15 minutes

Conference about physical activity 30 to 60 minutes

Group workout 30 to 60 minutes

Prevention Is the Key

In 2010, even though everyone knows it is essentiel to be physically active to stay healthy and fit, only innovative and proactive companies decide to take care of their employees by hiring a kinesiologist before heath problems occur, but as we will see further, it is less expensive to prevent than to cure.

What Is a Kinesiologist?  

He is the health professional specialized in physical activity who uses human movement in the purposes of prevention, treatment and performance. To graduate, he must complete at least 3 years of universitary studies.

Your Collective Insurance Policy May Cover My Services

Since I am accredited members of the QKF I issue receipts for insurance.

An excellent Return On Investment

Because your employees will be heathier and in a better physical condition, you will save 3 dollars in curative treatments of all kinds for each dollars you pay for our services. So your team will be healthier, stronger and you will save a lot of money.

It’s time to innovate…