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Home Personal Training

Home Personal Training

Home Personal Training

I Evaluate Your Physical Condition and Your Lifestyle

I will fully evaluate you to be able to build the fitness plan that best suits your needs. This evaluation consists mainly of several physical  and body composition tests that will give me the necessary information to create your personal training program.

I Demonstrate All The Exercices of Your Fitness Program

I will show you every movement of your plan and will also answer to all of your questions to make sure that when you receive you training routine, you understand every aspect of it. You will receive your program on your Nomad profile located in our members section.

I Train You In Private or Semi-Private

I will come to your home to motivate, supervize and optimize your workouts. In fact, I will make sure that you train at your maximal potential by encouraging you and advising you on the proper techniques of each and everyone of the exercises of your training plan.

I Supervize Your Progression Daily In The Members’ Section

I will follow your progression daily on your Nomad profile. I will analyse your statistics, give you useful training tips, answer your questions and motivate you directly on your profile. You will also be able to track your nutritional datas to optimize your fitness plan.