Retrouvez le nomade en vous !


The Most Personalized Service in the Business

When I started Nomad Fitness in 2008, my goal was to offer the most personalized service in the business. Since then, I train my clients both indoors and outdoors to maximize their results. In fact, my mission is to get you to your goals in a pleasant way because I firmly believe that each and everyone of us can enjoy practicing a physical activity. Even more, I think that having fun is the key to success when it comes to being active.

The Kinesiologist at Your Doorstep

Before I created my own company, I worked for more than two years in a well known gym of the Montreal area. During this time, I realized that almost everybody who interupted their training program shared two common reasons. These two factors are the lack of time and motivation. They are also the two main advantages that diferrentiate Nomad Fitness from any gym.

No Motivation to Go to the Gym

Because getting to the gym is often the main factor why people quit training, I come at your place to train you confortably at home while you save time.

Let’s make it clear, my clients simply love the fact that they can exercise outdoors after a long day at work. On the other hand, when it’s raining cats and dogs we train efficiently and confortably at home. This simply impossible when you train with a personal trainer who works for a gym.

Thierry Gagnon, Kinesiologist B.Sc.