Strategies for a Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss
Strategies for a Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss

Strategies for a Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss

My clients often ask me to tell them what is the best solution to lose weight for good and my reaction is almost always the same… a large and sincere smile! I first have to clarify that there is no solution that can be identified as the best option. Because every human is unique, each healthy weight loss is achieved differently but there are some alternatives that we could politely qualify of low chance of success alternatives and others that are really more likely to work. The first category includes Low-carb diets,very-low calories diets and magic ab exercicers that are supposed to make a belly become hard as rock effortlessly in seconds and the strategies that lead to a healthy and permanent weight loss will be the subject of my next articles.

Since I am a kinesiologist and a personal trainer, I will give you helpful, simple and healthy weight loss advices throughout the upcoming weeks. Even though it might sometimes seem hard to achieve your goal of losing weight forever because we are bombarded by contradictory information, always keep in mind that by following a well structured and healthy weight loss plan you will succeed. In fact, when you change one habit at a time; succeeding suddenly becomes easier. 

Today’s fat loss advice is simply to make sure that you are really ready to change a habit forever before you decide to do it. As a matter of fact, it is important to do so because your body composition is related to your life habits so as long as you eat, sleep and exercise properly you should have a healthy weight; but if you go back to your previous life habits after reaching your initial goal because you were not ready to maintain your new habits permanently, you will eventually go back to your initial weight or even fatter. So make sure you change habits forever before you choose to make your decision.

In my next post, I will give you more tips that will help you plan your weight loss in a healthy and permanent way. Also, if you have questions or comments, post them on our blog. You can also follow us on our new Facebook page and on Twitter by clicking on the icons found in the bottom part of our website.

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